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Wizard’s Wrath and Fae Unbound Box Set

Good guy James finally gets a story of his own instead of hanging in the background being supportive. By the way, even a good guy can get scary under the right circumstances. Only 99 cents until Thursday, November 3rd…

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SFWA goal achieved!

Celebrating the achievement of a goal…

No, I didn’t finish Wizard’s Wrath yet. When I do, you’ll be the first to know. But I’m getting there! I made progress every day over the holiday weekend. I’m currently transitioning to the night shift at work, which I hope will free up...
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Just a little tidying up…

Regular visitors to the site will notice that I’ve been hard at work updating the site to a cleaner look. I think it’s more fun, too, don’t you? I have a tendency to throw myself into projects that are related to my writing but that don’t...
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Fae Unbound Series

Visit the series page on for more information about this Fantasy/Adventure Series that is suitable for readers of all ages.

Bad Tom Series

The Bad Tom Series is now available for purchase on The Familiar (the first book in the series) is published by Kindle Press as a Kindle Scout winner.

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The Maid & The Chattering Teeth

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